• Ansiktsbehandling                                     75/90min           890/1100:-

    Holistic approach skin cleancing. Light acid coctail treatment.

    Clean and purify Your skin ephydermis without over drying it. Most widely used skin cleansing procedure includes cosmetical specially composed cosmetical products that soften pore congestion and effectively regulate sebum production. Extra mild skin preparation by Your beautician be continued with special exfoliating toners. It will help penetrate the outer skin barier and remove dead cells. Heating lotion used in the treatment unblocks comedones, gives pleasant heat feeling, detoxifying skin and provide desinfection while Your skin is being mechanically cleaned. This solution promote easy and safe extraction. Light coctail of retinol, AHA (glycolic) and BHA (salicylic ) acids smothe away your skin surface from redness and pigmentation, balancing and evening skin tone.

    Treatment has a part of circulation improving accupressure massage, which gives You comfortable relaxation sense. Using the Serenity hyaluronic serum drops returns skin to its healthy state.

    Clarifying unstress mask soothens skin with the concentrated herbs and minerals and minimize irritaion. Exposition is around 15 minutes for ideal result. 

    Treatment final step is applaying of lightly coloured cover cream, which designed to calm down, protect Your newly cleaned skin for 24 h and give complete look.