• Back - neck - shoulders massage                        40min             490:-

    Massage soothe away concentrated tensions in your upper body, treat deep rooted muscle problems and improve flexibility. Ease stiffness and pain in shoulders. Helps relieve headaches by stimulating scalp and the blood circulation within your neck and head. In the end, rhythmic tapotement technique (Swedish classical massage) induce a very relaxed state and help revitalize tired and sore muscles. The ideal solution if you don’t have time for a full body massage.
  • Body massage                                                           75/90min             790/890:-    

    A full body massage using warm Ayrvedic oil mixes applied to the skin. Using specific pressure points to condition skin and induce a sense of well-being. Combining classical massage techniques with gentle stretching movements. Procedure can be provided with the individual aroma oils. Head massage included.      
  • Legs Refiner massage
    (anti cellulite)                                                  
    60min             690:-

    A specially designed deep tissue detoxifying massage targeting problematic areas of “cellulite”, treatment also includes gentle applying of cupping technique to aid in firming and toning the skin. While your legs are under specific Spa cosmetic mask, a stimulating lower back pressure massage encourages the release of tension. A toning and slimming treatment to refine the body contours and eliminate excess fluids, leaving a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin.
  • “Mother to be”
    Pregnancy massage therapy
                                  45/60min            490/690:-  

    Suitable after the first three months of pregnancy this treatment combines tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques. Specialised positioning on massage bed is used to ensure the comfort and relaxation of the future mother. Relieves tension in the upper back and alleviates swelling in the hands and feet. Treatment includes a light facial to cleanse and moisturise with a gentle scalp massage. Enhance your well-being at this special time.

    * Add - on to a procedure - exfoliation of the feet and a gentle massage of the lower legs.  
  • Neroli Flower massage                                         45/75min           490/790:-

    Healing aromatherapy based massage combines gentle to medium pressure and smooth stroke technique to soothe discomfort in the muscles, relive emotional instability and create energy throughout the body. Massage comes with Bitter Orange tree essential oil that has floral and haunting aroma and can be an ally during times of stress. Uplifting your mood and enjoying the feeling of warmth naturally.

    * This back care massage can also be done in case of problem skin or local acne. Neroli is indeed a great oil for managing skin esthetical problems effectively with its antiseptic and bactericidal properties.
  • Gua Sha back-neck healing therapy           60/90min          690/890:-

    Back skin care massage includes:

    * Cleansing • Massage • Healing scrapping • Light drainage

    Gua Sha massage can be used in many cases when it is up to reawaken body and get tonifying energy. An ancient Chinese technique let the therapist diagnose and cleanse body from the Sha toxins.
    Gua sha scrapping slightly leads to the blood circulation activating (in the back tissue).
    Using specific deeply cleansing, healing oils is the main step to healthy skin. It is also a nice prophylactic against cold, because it dispels heat from the body out and make a pleasant warming effect.
    Relieves stress withdrawal syndrome and muscle pain, improves sleep quality by reducing psychological pressure.
    Gua Sha can treat, alleviate and heal migraines, shoulder - back pain, menstrual disorders, hypertension, heatstroke, dizziness, and chills.
    * Therapy involves using tools such as jade stone or ox horn to scrape and rub parts of the skin to bring out the toxins.